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18 plus 4

Happy Anniversary to my love.

18 years (plus 4 extra before the wedding).

In the beginning, I would almost guarantee that most people would have bet against us lasting this long.   Heck, at times we (unfortunately) bet against ourselves.   Marriage is never pretty and perfect all of the time … for any couple … and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs in the past.   But.   Today more than any other day in the past 22 years … I KNOW he’s my person.   He’s the one.   He’s always been the one.  We’ve grown up together.   We’ve grown up with our kids.   We’ve loved … and parented … and fought … and defended each other.   Good times and bad.  Sickness and health.  Better or worse.

If I know nothing else ‘for sure’ in this world …

If nothing else is ‘certain’ …

I know that he loves me.   And I love him.

#alwaysandforever  #nomatterwhat #loveliveshere