Summer Bucket List


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You Whisper Through the Rain … I’m with you.

My anxiety has been through the roof lately. Especially first thing in the morning when I first wake up. The expression “crawling out of my skin” is an understatement. And honestly, it’s the worst feeling in the world.

I can only hope (and believe) that this song holds true. I have to believe that I gravitate towards listening to it during these times for a reason.

Gotta get better soon.

Miss y’all.


Random Thoughts that are dancing around my head.

Christmas is in 64 days !!!   Sixty friggin four days away.   Sneaks up on my every single year.   The thought of having only 64 days to get all of my shopping done, everything wrapped, Christmas trees and other decorations put up, Christmas cards mailed,  Christmas light put up on the house, family dinners planned, pictures with Santa Claus taken … etc etc.   UGH!   I love Christmas time, but it really is MY most stressful two months of the year.

My feet have just randomly started swelling.   Like SUPER swelling.  Like … when I was 9 months+ pregnant with my nearly 10 pound son type of swelling.   And I have no idea WHY.   My diet hasn’t changed.   Nothing has really changed.  But man,  it’s uncomfortable and ugly and … I’m kind of really pissed off about it.   So I’ve upped my water intake;   I’m making sure that I’m exercising more regularly;  I’m soaking my feet in cold water with Epson salt every night (that’s what the Internets told me to do); and I’m watching what I eat a little more.   I mean … what the hell …. what else am I supposed to do.

I’m so glad that baseball season is finally over (for us).   I mean, don’t get me wrong.   I AM a St. Louis Cardinals FANATIC to the core but this year for some reason … my Facebook people went friggin CRAZY with the baseball talk and updates and complaining and minute-by-minute replays and cheering and meme-ing etc.  And it was  driving me NUTS.  It feels SO good to be able to login and see normal posts on Facebook.   Like people bitching about their day and random food pictures lol.

I’m also so glad that fall television is back.    Scandal!  Greys!  American Horror Story!  Nashville!  Revenge!   Yes. Yes. Yes.  All day long, YES!

And finally … I’m back on a reading kick.   Thank the lord.   I love to read.   But suddenly, I’m drawn to books about serial killers and criminals (Charles Manson in particular) … and memoirs of people with heroin addictions.   I have no idea how and why my brain works the way it does but I’ve devoured 4 new books in the last 10 days on those topics in particular.    Weird.

Happy Tuesday folks!   I’m off to picking up my sweet Grandbaby from daycare.    We are gonna get some dinner and take a walk around the neighborhood while her Mommy finishes up her Tuesdays classes at School.


End of days

Well folks, I don’t know what to do.   Keep this blog or just give up the ghost and let it go.   I don’t use it.  I don’t rely on it anymore.  I would say that I don’t look forward to updating my blog … but it’s more than that … I don’t even think about it really.   My little circle of Internet friends and their blogs used to make me so happy … but almost all of  that “circle” is gone these days.   Blogging just ain’t what it used to  be I guess.

So my hosting company auto-bills my credit card every month … and I just got my new card in the mail … which means that if I don’t login and update my card information … my blog will be cancelled and deleted.


I gotta couple of weeks left probably.   Maybe I’ll dig in and try to get back in the habit.   I just don’t know.   If it doesn’t happen … and you check one day and I’m gone.   That’s why ….