Monday Recap – 7/27/15

Reading:    New books arrived today!   I got the book that Yadier Molina’s brother Bengie wrote about growing up with his parents and his brothers baseball careers.   This makes me so excited.   Everyone knows that Yadi is my Baseball Husband.   I also binge bought a bunch of books written by YouTubers.   #nerdalert

Watching:   Finally finished my re-watching of all 11 Seasons of Greys Anatomy.    Yeah.  I’m that girl.  I only prefer to watch shows back-to-back … hours-upon-hours at a time.   Up next … Game of Thrones which I haven’t watched at all yet.

Feeling: Itchy as shit!   This Poison Oak isn’t getting better at all.   Goo-gle (I have to type it that way to avoid the Goo-gle Plus link)  tells me it could take 30 days. Ugh.

Eating:   Felt so good to actually make dinner at home tonight.   We’ve been eating out constantly because of being out of town so much.     Made Chicken Flamingo and a Pasta House-ish salad.

Be kind:   Been trying to make an effort into doing more kind things everyday.    Little things.   Went to Walmart to get groceries at lunch and helped on older gentlemen find several things on his list.   Returned my cart back to the building instead of leaving it in the parking lot.    Picked my Husband up some cold beers on my way home (and then cooked him dinner.)   It’s the little things sometimes people.

Missing:  My Son.   He’s in Panama City Beach this week.   Having fun with his friends I hope.   But yeah.   Mama misses him.


IV Meds All Around Folks!


Well yesterday was super fun.   Landed my butt right in the Urgent Care (2.5 hours from home) because of friggin Poison Oak.

I walked in.  They took one look at my red blotchy face, neck and arms and escorted me right back. [Read more...]

When you can’t fix what you want to fix …

I want to blog.  I really do.  I login and look around … and still float around the Internets reading other peoples blogs (although most of my girls have drifted away) … and then I logout and think … I’ll wait for a day when I have something positive/interesting to post.   Not that my entire life is negative by any means.   It’s just … busy.   And hectic.   And filled with the issues of life that are hard … and personal … and not really the types of things you share with the world without getting permission from everyone involved.

So with that being said … enter the vague post where not many specific details are given.  Annoying right?   Except remember.  You don’t know the person I’m talking about anyways.   And the post isn’t supposed to be about the details.  More about the experience.

So … For the past 5-6 weeks we’ve had a family member going through a lot of health issues.    Well really, they’ve been having health related issues for years … but recently things have escalated into a pretty sticky situation.

And it’s just sad.   And scary.  And the feelings of helplessness are overwhelming.

I’m a fixer.  Give me a problem and if I CAN come up with a solution … Holy Shit! get out of my way because I WILL fix this.   Right freaking now.  I don’t need help and I won’t stress.  I’ll take to the task and turn into a whirlwind super hero and BAM!   Problem! Solved!  Now, let’s go have a beer and celebrate.  I’m buying.

This … isn’t something I can solve right now.   I don’t have a clear cut plan or solution to get from point A to point B.    I can’t even wrap my brain  around the entire situation to start to work step-by-step in the right direction.   One thing complicates another.   Another issue flies out of left field and lands in the middle of everything.   Three steps forward results in a football field backwards and more Hospital time.

In fact … we’re in our fifth Hospital in less than 2 months.

And … I’m just at a loss.   And watching this person suffer … and the family suffer… is the saddest part of all.   Because these are my people.   This is my family.    More specially, my Husband is my favorite person on this planet and watching HIS heart break … is just too much for me.

So we drive the 2.5 hours (each way) every chance we get … just to sit in the room … so they’re not alone.

That’s all we can really do.   Just BE there.

And pray.



Summer Bucket List


We are just now starting to check things off our list …. and we’re having SO much fun with it. [Read more...]

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