Zoo Adventures – Sunday June 29, 2014


I love the Zoo.  Always have.   Even with the icky animal smells and the 17.27 miles that must be walked to get from place to place.   Doesn’t matter.   Love. The. Zoo.

This past weekend we took our little Kassi B to the Zoo for the very first time.   I was afraid that the size of the animals might bother her because she’s never seen any type of large animal in person.   Only dogs and cats etc.   But nope.   Didn’t phase her a bit (I should have known.  Child has no fear of anything so far.) [Read more...]

Love ~ Heart ~ Love


Things I’m Heart-ing right now: [Read more...]

Good Good Good – Good Vibrations


In exactly 30 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes and 20 seconds, I will be in Destin Florida, enjoying a fabulous beach vacation.    Yes, I have a Countdown app on my phone.   Yes, the app did the math.   I’m too busy daydreaming about actually kicking back and relaxing to pull out my calendar and figure it out myself.

I’m a little bummed that we won’t be taking Kristin or Kassi B with us this year.   They went last year (to Palm Coast FL) and (of course) this Mimi had a good time hanging out with the baby…but truth be told… 2 year olds and beaches….do not mix.     This year she is MUCH more headstrong and demanding and there is no way she will just sit on the beach and play.   She would be everywhere and one of us would constantly have to be running behind her making sure that she didn’t hijack a boat or strangle a dolphin or something.   Terrible twos.  They have arrived in our house.

1146986_10153178105755319_1621073391_o (1)



So this trip will just be the four of us.  The Husband.  Myself.  The Son and the Son’s girlfriend who is just the sweetest thing ever.  I’m very super fortunate that my kiddo picked a good girl that our entire family gets along with.

So for now, I’m just daydreaming and planning and wishing the days away until we get out of here.

Some of my travel tips:

  • Ask friends and family what the “must do’s” are in the town where you’re visiting.   I asked on Facebook and got a TON of suggestions from places to eat, to places to shop, to things to do for entertainment.     And again…. if you’re reading and you have suggestions for Destin Florida … spill!   Comment it up!   Share the knowledge!
  • Get online and print off menus/coupons for the places that people suggest.   I find that after a long day on the beach, I’d rather sit in my condo and skim over food choices than to drive around and try to guess which place I want to eat.   I’m a huge nerd (obviously) and print out everything we might want to do and store it in a small 3-ring binder so that everyone will be access to the choices we have.
  • After the vacation, I pull out all of the printouts (including everything I find along the way which I add to the notebook) and store it in my filing cabinet at home.   We’ve been known to visit the same towns twice and it’s nice to pull out the collection and use it again.   There are lots of “oh yeah” moments when we remember somewhere we’ve been and want to see again.   Especially food places!
  • Make lists.   You can never have too many lists.   Lists of places to eat.   Places to shop.  Places to rent things.   Packing lists.   Car supply lists.   Etc.   I am addicted to packing by list and I feel much (MUCH) better when I can feel sure that I have not forgotten anything.    Kitchen sink?  CHECK!

Right now I’m obsessing over which books to bring with me on vacation.   I have 20-30ish books that I have purchased but not read and clearly I do not need to bring that many.   (Although I am one of those people who can  read in the car … and it is a long ride … so I might pack a few extras just in case.)

So far I know I’m bringing these:   ALL of which I have started reading but never finished.

Scarlet Anna

5thWave fangirl

Anyway.  I wanted to try to get back in the blogging habit (story of my life) because I definitely want to blog while we’re on vacation and share our adventures and our pictures.   Seriously tho.  Vacation suggestions are welcome!   Book suggestions are welcome!   Next week, I’ll be working on playlists for my phone.   MUSIC while laying on the beach is required by law!


Seriously?!? Seriously.


Y’all.  I do not even know what happened to my person … but some wave of sickness hit me on Saturday night and I have been … DOWN!   I don’t know if I can even put it into words but I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.  (I want to say “in my entire life” … but I have given birth a couple times so I need to keep a little perspective here.)

Saturday started off great.  Got up.  All 3 of us girls got ready while the boys were at work.  In the afternoon we did a little shopping at Carters for some Spring clothes for little Miss Kassi B.   Ohh and she rode the pony for the first time.  Loved it!   Huge smiles!  ”Do Gin!  Do Gin!  Do Gin!”

Got home.  Made dinner.  Watched TV with the Hubs.   Peacefully drifted off to sleep.  And then … BAM.   2am came and I woke up dying.

I had heartburn so damn bad, I thought I was going to die.  No lie.  And like I said, I’ve birthed a couple of cute bambinos so I KNOW what heartburn feels like.    This was … screaming pain.   From my belly button to the back of my tongue.   And nothing – NOTHING – made it better for the next 12 hours.

Crackers, milk, bread, tums, Zantac.   Tried it all.

And I didn’t eat anything for the entire day Saturday that would have caused it.    Hand to Jesus – I wish I knew what happened.

So basically I sat in the recliner (because laying down was a no-go) and prayed, wished, BEGGED for the pain to stop all day Sunday.

Around 1-2pm-ish I finally feel asleep and took a nap, and when I woke up the heartburn was somewhat gone.  It was bearable.   But in it’s place I got … the WORST headache I’ve EVER had in my entire life.  THAT I can say with certainty.   And it was everywhere.  All over my entire head.   It hurt to move, to talk, to breathe, to think … and remember … there is an almost 2 year old in my house.  Ugh.

So I ate a little plain oatmeal (because sometimes my blood sugar gets wonky and I hadn’t eaten much of anything all day) and went and layed down in the dark in my room.

Several hours later … I started throwing up.   Yeah.

Heartburn throat … then throwing up.

Oh my God.

And not only that, I was throwing up hard enough to make my nose start bleeding, which if you know me happens quite often, but COME ON!   SERIOUSLY!  What the hell is going on with my person here ???  Every part of me is freaking the hell out!

After all of that drama finally settled itself down I was left with the headache until Monday night and fatigue like I’ve never experienced. Walking from my bedroom to my kitchen made my heart race and had me gasping for breathe by the time I got there.   Until this morning (which I’m still not 100 percent) I haven’t been able to do anything.

So I’ve been off work for the last two days.  In bed.  Wondering what the heck happened ???  This didn’t feel like any type of cold or flu that I’ve ever experienced … it was something VERY different.  I don’t know.

The one perk (the ONLY perk) of being sick is that I am down another 8.5 pounds from this bullshit.  Which brings my total to 13.5 all together.

Wrong way to lose it … but the universe didn’t give me a vote in the matter … so I guess I’ll take it.

Happy Wednesday Y’all.

Finally. Friday. Whew!

This week has been a good (somewhat great) week … until today.   Today has been … ummm … STRESSFUL.   I don’t know the deal is, but every little thing is just stressing me out.  Doesn’t help that I have a million things on my TO DO list but still on top of that, even the easy things are just not going as planned today.   *Deep Breath*  It’ll be okay.  One sucky day every now and then is expected.

Today I have still managed to work, then on my lunch hour tan, pay my electric bill, clean my house a little and start the laundry, go by the insurance office AND get everything together for our accountant.   Yes I was stressed … but still productive.

The good news is that I’m still sticking to my low carb eating plan … and a couple of days this week  I’ve eaten strictly vegetarian.  Not on purpose, I just didn’t feel like eating meat and I was actually craving veggies.  Go me!

This morning … I’ m down 5 pounds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could drop 5 pounds every week ???  *Sigh*  In my dreams :)

But this week … I am MORE than pleased with my progress.  And I know that slow weeks in the future are to be expected.

As far as my “Being Kind to Myself 30 Day Goal” … I’m still making an effort to think of MYSELF everyday.  What do I need to do to make MY life easier.  What can I do to make myself feel better about ME.   Boost that self esteem.

On Tuesday … I made myself a Doctor’s appointment and went.  I’m chronically anemic and needed to get that checked out (perfect score to my surprise) and while I was talking to the Doctor about my weight and about my PCOS (which sucks by the way) we decided that it might not be a bad idea to put me on some medication that would help with weight loss.

I know.  Everyone strives to lose weight without pills or powders or crack pipes (lol) … but I really do feel like my body needs a kick start.  I won’t be on the meds forever and I know that even after I lose the weight (pray to Jesus that I lose the weight) … I will have to WORK to keep it off.  It’s not a magic solution.  It’s literally just … a kick start.   I will still have to put in the effort to get the weight off and keep the weight off.

Also on Tuesday …. I made time to pick up my prescription at lunch;  went home and George Foreman’d myself a small steak with mushrooms and tomatoes;  tanned for 10 minutes (don’t worry…once I get a base tan I only go once or twice a week);  washed  and cleaned out all of the trash from my car after work;  went for a 1.5 mile walk by myself;  then went for another walk (1 mile) with my sweet Grandbaby;  painted my toenails (only to hold me over until the weekend for my pedicure!)

I know that some of those “nice” things sound like normal everyday errands (and even chores), but even things like that, I have (up until the start of my happiness project Monday)  been procrastinating and putting off.   For one, I would have never made myself go the doctor to need a prescription.   I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the money or taken the time off work.  Second, I would have put off picking it up until the last possible moment.  It’s weird.  It’s like I have (had!) a mental block on doing anything that makes my life better for ME.    Instead of making my lunch I would have eaten something quick and terrible for me.   My car hasn’t been washed or cleaned out in months and even if my Husband or Son offered, I’d just say … don’t worry about it.  Doesn’t bother me.  So these changes ARE good for me.

Wednesday … wasn’t necessarily so much about being nice to myself … but I needed to just bite the bullet and get some shit done.  So I worked at my regular job from 8:30-5:00 and then went to my Husband’s office at 6:00 and worked until 10:00.   LONG day … BUT … I finally got all the papers and information ready that our accountant needed to get our taxes prepared.

Thursday … I made myself some yellow squash (which I love) with onions.  (Yes my favorite foods are weird).  Then I watched Scandal and Greys and played with Kassi B.   Quiet evening at home with no stress and no worries.

Tonight the plan is to get off work and (if this wind dies down) go for my 2.5 walk around my crazy stupid hilly neighborhood (those hills are a BITCH) … make some dinner (idk what yet) … and watch movies with my family.   Because tomorrow me and my two girls are going to go shopping for Kassi B … she needs spring/summer clothes in the worst way.  And then I’m getting my nails done and getting a pedicure!

Plans so far for next week ???

Monday = Annual girl check up at the Doctor (which I haven’t done in FOUR years!)  I know!  Don’t preach.  It’s awful.

And then hopefully I can get in to my hair girl next Saturday and get a new cut and color.  I’ve been looking around all week on Pinterest looking for ideas.  I’ll probably need your opinions next week.

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!  Enjoy you’re weekend guys!