Seriously?!? Seriously.


Y’all.  I do not even know what happened to my person … but some wave of sickness hit me on Saturday night and I have been … DOWN!   I don’t know if I can even put it into words but I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.  (I want to say “in my entire life” … but I have given birth a couple times so I need to keep a little perspective here.)

Saturday started off great.  Got up.  All 3 of us girls got ready while the boys were at work.  In the afternoon we did a little shopping at Carters for some Spring clothes for little Miss Kassi B.   Ohh and she rode the pony for the first time.  Loved it!   Huge smiles!  ”Do Gin!  Do Gin!  Do Gin!”


Got home.  Made dinner.  Watched TV with the Hubs.   Peacefully drifted off to sleep.  And then … BAM.   2am came and I woke up dying.

I had heartburn so damn bad, I thought I was going to die.  No lie.  And like I said, I’ve birthed a couple of cute bambinos so I KNOW what heartburn feels like.    This was … screaming pain.   From my belly button to the back of my tongue.   And nothing – NOTHING – made it better for the next 12 hours.

Crackers, milk, bread, tums, Zantac.   Tried it all.

And I didn’t eat anything for the entire day Saturday that would have caused it.    Hand to Jesus – I wish I knew what happened.

So basically I sat in the recliner (because laying down was a no-go) and prayed, wished, BEGGED for the pain to stop all day Sunday.

Around 1-2pm-ish I finally feel asleep and took a nap, and when I woke up the heartburn was somewhat gone.  It was bearable.   But in it’s place I got … the WORST headache I’ve EVER had in my entire life.  THAT I can say with certainty.   And it was everywhere.  All over my entire head.   It hurt to move, to talk, to breathe, to think … and remember … there is an almost 2 year old in my house.  Ugh.

So I ate a little plain oatmeal (because sometimes my blood sugar gets wonky and I hadn’t eaten much of anything all day) and went and layed down in the dark in my room.

Several hours later … I started throwing up.   Yeah.

Heartburn throat … then throwing up.

Oh my God.

And not only that, I was throwing up hard enough to make my nose start bleeding, which if you know me happens quite often, but COME ON!   SERIOUSLY!  What the hell is going on with my person here ???  Every part of me is freaking the hell out!

After all of that drama finally settled itself down I was left with the headache until Monday night and fatigue like I’ve never experienced. Walking from my bedroom to my kitchen made my heart race and had me gasping for breathe by the time I got there.   Until this morning (which I’m still not 100 percent) I haven’t been able to do anything.

So I’ve been off work for the last two days.  In bed.  Wondering what the heck happened ???  This didn’t feel like any type of cold or flu that I’ve ever experienced … it was something VERY different.  I don’t know.

The one perk (the ONLY perk) of being sick is that I am down another 8.5 pounds from this bullshit.  Which brings my total to 13.5 all together.

Wrong way to lose it … but the universe didn’t give me a vote in the matter … so I guess I’ll take it.

Happy Wednesday Y’all.